Thursday, 23 March 2017

MilesR: What I Did Done Paint

 Challenge VII is now in the books and I'm very happy with the outcome as I set a personal record of 4,125 points.  I got everything I need for my Historicon games painted up during the Challenge plus a good number of odds and ends.

The lead pile has been materially depleted so all you manufactures are now formally warned to put on extra production shifts as I must replenish my stocks.

A shot down the "nonWW2 Historical row".  I've never really gamed moderns before so this will be a new experience for me.  I painted A LOT of figures from Empress Miniatures this Challenge and have become a real fan of their products.

In the middle is the Fantasy/Frostgrave column of figures.
On the right side is the "WW2 Historicals" row.  I really fleshed out my North African collection by adding Italians, French Foreign Legion and the SAS.  The winter Germans on a lark.  My favorites of the group are the LRDG vehicles.

Lastly a shot of the 15mm stuff in the back along with the Bloodbowl teams and dugout.

It's become a tradition with these summary posts to include a picture of oneself.  In my case I think that's a bad idea because, well, I go out of my way to stay out of the press professionally and, frankly, my image has been known to scare small children and animals.

I thought it better to show you a picture of my family, who I now can become reaquainted with as I emerge from 3 months of isolation in the basement.

My son has announced he wants to do graduate work in Statistics (I'm not making that up) and is in the process filing a patent on a personal music matching algorithm.  Hopefully he'll think about graduating from college also.

OK, you may find the next picture disturbing.  Those of you with weak constitutions or refined tastes should look away now.....

 Aghhhhh!!!!! There I am, in all my terrible glory.  It's my first selfie.  Damn you Curt look what you've reduced me too....
No summary of this Challenge would be complete with paying respect to my loyal troops who supported me without fail through 3 months of nearly constant painting combat.  3 Series 7 brushes and one Davinici all served honorably and without hesitation.

Challenge VII Brushes, I Salute you!!!

Rest well weary pigment warriors, rest well.

Side Duels and Challenge Results Posted

Hi All,

Thanks for your patience.
Two blackouts due to lightning strike has caused the odd hiccup. Thankfully today it's a mere torrential downpour or two!

The final points update for the Side Duels and Challenges
has been posted, which includes the results for the majority.

We have two tied challenges:

  • Iannick and Sander in a dead heat at 41 votes each in their 80s Military SF Pulp duel!
  • Paul and Reilly for first and/or last place in their Bloodbowl duel...

We also have a points result in the Spanish Civil War duel but the criteria involves a playable Bolt Action force so I'll be guided by the participants on whether of not MartinN gets the chocolates.

Thanks everyone for taking part and giving me the option to play with spreadsheets.
I didn't enjoy that nearly as much as Miles would have but then I also go outside occasionally and understand football too.

Please check and confirm I have things right!

Millsy the Duels Wallah

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Did I really paint all these!

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will begin.

I appear to have painted quite a lot of figures and despite my earlier grumpiness they are actually pretty good. It's funny isn't it how we remember the few duffers and not the many good 'uns.

So the tally is
28mm infantry 447
28mm cavalry 80
28mm guns 9 plus 7 limbers
28mm vehicles 6
28mm animals 9
10mm infantry 66
10mm cavalry 1

or 667 figures

which looks like this


Colonial types

more randoms

And it still wasn't enough. When it stops raining I'll varnish them and then put them away until it is their time to fight. I even suspect that I would come 2nd in the worst photography competition to Miles. It's a good job I already have a nemesis..
I will need to pick my best 3 next, that's going to be a massive walk down memory lane, nice
And finally a photo of an old man  trying to workout how to take a selfie

ps I missed 16 VBCW Infantry off the photo, bound to find more

From AlexS: ХОРОШО! (Good!)

This is my second Event. I am eternally grateful Curt that it holds, and his entire team of minions. This was always professional, fun and exciting. I am particularly grateful to my supervisor, the great master of Miles for his work with me, and curator of last year, Greg, because he taught me how to take part in this opening event. My thanks to David for his subtle humor to me and, of course, Tamsin. It was she with her capacity for work, care and benevolence, it is the symbol of the opening event. 

Also thanks to all the rest of the 90 participants of the opening event for their excellent work and interesting posts. I mentally call you all by name, because as a place to write a little :(

But, indeed, the case. Here is my desktop.

 This - the ones that I made during the event period. The two armies on antiquity, on completion of a major Napoleonic Wars and a little trivia. I am very pleased that I was the first time in his life painted ship!

Well, I myself with my youngest daughter, who was born during last year's opening event.

 Thank you all, see you next year!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

From TeemuL: Odds and Ends and Chaos (plus the paralyzed Hobbits)

It is Tuesday and I haven't painted anything this week...

Happily I painted over 100 miniatures during the last three months, so I can take couple of days in relaxed mode. It helps, that I won a LotR game tonight, it was a tight game, but my elves beat the Mordor orcs.

The picture above shows all those painted miniatures (plus the paralyzed hobbits I missed from last year's photo). It has been fun, see you next year!

From DavidB: What...It's a wrap!? And off to vacation!

At least I had the foresight to gather the minis together and snap a few photos BEFORE I left to Adepticon! 

Note that the rear ranks are populated with unfinished or untouched minis that would have gotten me to my planned total, but Murphy had it in for the old grunt this time out! ;)

I'm most pleased that I completed the bulk of my MERCS and a fair amount of some other boxed games. (I notice now that I forgot the Imperial Assault stuff...)

In addition to the box games the Soritas and Inquisition are taking the field which will make my Cadian 7th all the tougher, perhaps my ginger nuns can add some further punch to the Catachan Death World Vets too! 

I'm mostly pleased that I was able to get my massive drawing table in the basement of my new for me home. I still haven't found the tracks and extras for the Soritas tanks, and I am missing still some valkyrie componets; however,  I did find Colonel Commissar Ibrahim Gaunt. He is still unassembled and in the blister but is going to be in the queue for next season. 

I spent the 1st days of my vacation shifting boxes from the garage and breezeway( IOU Honey-do list) more stuff has been shifted to the mancave so I'm sure the missing components will be there. Then it will be the summer to tidy up and set up for next season's go. 

I'll get some photos of myself and kid's with their work when I get back from Adepticon.  They had a lot of fun and were quite chuffed with the responses to their work, they were already plotting next year when I left. 

Thank you again to Curt for tending the logistics and Command & Control, Thank you to Lady Sarah for allowing the rambunctious crew to intrude on what could be quiet winter months, thanks also to my fellow challengers who make this such a wonderful time spent in the hobby for the encouragement and vast amount of eyecandy! ;)

I've been around this fun winter event since my last deployment first as a spectator, then with Curt's prodding a participant. It has now evolved into a winter tradition in my home with the kids gathering around my table to work on their own minis or watch me. Since this is usually after a basketball game or wrestling match, it does get boisterous! 

Now it is time for hardwork, training, yardwork, planting...but I'll still have the afterglow of hobby time to sustain me till next time! ;)

80's Pulp?! Anyone?


So the Challenge has ended, so why am I looking at the figures on my paintdesk and immediately counting the amount of points they would get me? Oh well... Before the Challenge starts I prep the figures I want to paint and put them together in my gaming table. During the Challenge I think the coated figures out and add the painted figures back to the rest, thus I can see my progress and have them nicely gathered to make the final picture showing the painted results of the Challenge. Now my favourite part of the Challenge is: putting the painted figures in my showcases and completing their respective collections. I had already taken the picture of the total of painted miniatures and put them in the showcase when Curt asked for a picture of us with our figures. But since the reason for this photo is so that we all can put a face to a name, I thought it would be alright to show a picture of the figures and one of ... well... me. separately.

So here are the figures.

The majority of these figures are either Dark Age figures or part of my 80's Pulp Project with some sundry others thrown in for good measure. Now you must have noted, as I already pointed out, that I am not in this picture, luckily my wife came to the rescue. Normally I do not think my painting should impede on family time and I practise my hobby in the evenings when the boys are in bed and the wife is entrenched on the living-room couch. But this last week I asked her whether I could use the Saturday afternoon to get some stuff finished in order to reach the 1500 points needed. She kindly allowed me to do just that and I was joined by my eldest son Arthur who can be seen here while he is painted one of my old army-men-planes.

This surely was an awesome Challenge, it is my 3rd and if Curt wills it, not my last by a far! The highlights, in no particular order, were the Side Duel I held with Iannick, my participation in the Curtgeld with Stefan and Lord Awdry and me ending up in 3rd place in the East Theme Round.

In the end Iannick and I forgot to put up a post stating the outcome of our duel which is a draw, so we decided to each sent one another a figure and so it will happen. It was great, it was HUUUUGGGEE!

Ahem, well that leaves me with saying a great big thank you to all of you Challengers, Minions and of course the Snowlord and Lady Sarah for making this Feast of Figures possible for yet another year!

Cheers Sander

From BenitoM - My very Napoleonic Challenge

The Challenge is over and also the long winter nights... welcome Spring (although here in Madrid has lasted just 1 day so far, tomorrow snow is expected in the ourskirts of the city). I must say that it has been a real pleasure to participate (second edition for me) and I think this is now a must for me in years to come (at least while Curt have enough sanity left to continue leading the project).
Following the tradition, here is the photo of my achievements this year which as you probably know were mainly focused on the Napoleonic period.

An embattled Portuguese infantry regiment forming square somewhere is the Iberian Peninsula,  defending against the brave French Hussars led by the Bravest of the Brave, Michel Ney, Marshall of France, Duc dÉlchigen and Prince de la Moskova... (and a Panther??)

... and in the back my latest bed-reading work over the past few months, Chandler's Campaigns of  Napoleon, a source of continue joy. A total of 430 points, short of my 500 points target but enough for me as I'm a slow painter and like to divide my time with reading and playing games (incidentaly, a lot of Command and Colors in recent times...)

What was left in store (a.k.a. the Pile of Shame)? Mostly II WW vehicles (Hanomag and Jeep) and infantry (German), a group of Portuguese Caçadores, some French leftovers from previous projects, my first Austrian Napoleonic unit (arriving too late to enter the competition) ... and the Curtgeld (which is now to priority in my painting schedule).

And of course the selfie! Last year I posted one in the Waterloo's Butte du Lion; and to keep with the tradition of attaching my image to significant military places, this year is in the landing fields close to Arnhem (a clue to a painting project for the next Challenge?)

Many thanks to Curt, Sarah and the minions for the effort. And for the rest, see you again in just nine months from now!